Home Stretch WA

Yorganop Home Stretch offers young people leaving out-of-home / foster care with one-on-one coaching and other support, from when they turn 18 and until the age of 21.  The Home Stretch WA program was designed with young people with lived experience of having left care and made their way to independent adulthood, often with little, if any help.

As an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO), Yorganop’s Home Stretch service focuses on the needs of young Aboriginal people.  Some of the challenges they face include homelessness, lack of independent living skills, responsibilities for other family members, poor education and employment options, early pregnancy and the risk of having their child taken into care, involvement with the justice system, health issues, and substance abuse resulting from trauma and other issues.

Yorganop transition coaches are committed to standing alongside Aboriginal young people and supporting them to overcome their challenges, meet their needs, reach their goals, and create the life they want to live.

"Walking alongside young people who are escaping FDV, are homeless or couch surfing, and unemployed … supporting them through their dark days... and then watching the tides turn and supporting them in their golden days. Just being there for them every step of the way.  And then when they have wins, it's the biggest reward!  This is why I do what I do!"

Transition Coach, Yorganop

What is Yorganop Home Stretch

Yorganop Home Stretch provides young people leaving Out of Home Care in Western Australia with the option to receive coaching and financial support up until the age of 21.

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How We Support Young People Leaving Care

Yorganop Home Stretch assists young people leaving care to meet their needs and attain their goals. This might include finding a job, stable housing, connecting with their parents/family, learning about their culture.

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Becoming Culturally Strong

Our transition coaches dabakaarn koolingy (walk together) with our young people in learning about Aboriginal ways of being, knowing and doing, and support them in accessing culturally safe services.

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Meet Derek

Derek was referred to Home Stretch WA when he was 17 and a half, he was living with his Mum.

He was matched with one of our Aboriginal transition coaches.

During the onboarding stage, Derek shared that his family was dealing with the grief of a brother passing away and that this was impacting him a lot.

There was a point when Derek decided to step back from Yorganop Home Stretch. His coach was like a safety net. She was available when he needed her and there to continue supporting him when he was ready.

Derek’s primary goals

  • Finding his own accommodation
  • Coming to terms with the loss of his sibling
  • Obtaining support with mental health
  • Establishing some stability in his life with accommodation and finances

How was Derek Supported?

  • Derek's coach caught up with him as often as he needed - sometimes twice a week.

  • Derek's coach worked hard to obtain priority housing for him through the Department of Communities.

  • Derek's coach helped him obtain furniture and set up direct payments for his utility expenses and other bills through Centrepay.

  • She also helped Derek create a budget and put aside money for unexpected expenses. Derek was supported to start playing football again, go to the gym, and take driving lessons.

  • Derek was put in touch with an Aboriginal cultural healer to support his family in dealing with their trauma and grief.

  • Derek's coach found a culturally appropriate counsellor and helped Charlie obtain a referral.

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