Each Framework is designed to nurture our children to flourish

We maintain a child-centred practice and care team approach. This means that we work in partnership with carers and key stakeholders to ensure that the voices of children and carers are heard, and their needs are always met.

Get to know Yorganop’s programs and frameworks:

We always support our staff to deliver Yorganop programs to the highest standard. Staff and carers can share knowledge, build on current skills, and learn new ones. We also continuously improve our programs by acting on new data, client and staff feedback, and changing social trends and social policy. Our programs are all underpinned by our Cultural Framework, Sanctuary Model, and our Theory of Change.

Cultural Framework

Connection to culture is at the heart of everything we do; therefore, we have a cultural unit that supports family connections for all our children and provides cultural training and events for our staff and the community. This unit also implements Yorganop’s cultural framework, with cultural protocols embedded into governance and policy frameworks. It’s all done to respect the cultural practices of all Aboriginal community members at every level of the organisation.

Sanctuary Model

Yorganop has chosen the Sanctuary Model © as our therapeutic model of care. Our Sanctuary Model is embedded in Culture and enables us to create a safe organisation that will support Aboriginal people to cope effectively with trauma and stress and to experience healing.

“We believe the Sanctuary Model will help us to build safe communities and to become a leader in the provision of trauma-informed care for Aboriginal children in foster care in Western Australia.”

The Sanctuary Model provides us with:

  • Shared knowledge – being trauma-informed
  • Shared Sanctuary values – our commitment to non-violence, emotional intelligence, social learning, democracy, open communication, social responsibility, growth, and change
  • Shared language – a framework to help us understand and plan together
  • Shared tools – strategies that we can use to bring Sanctuary to our everyday work

“Sanctuary will enable us to create a safe organisation that will teach people to cope effectively with stress and trauma and to heal emotional and behavioural health issues. This is not only for our staff but for our carers and children too.”

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change and outcomes framework tracks changes for children, both positive and negative. This ensures targeted support and therapeutic intervention (if required) is given to our Yorganop children so that they can flourish. The changes we monitor are across the areas of safe and stable care, health, achievement, belonging, inclusion, and life outcomes.

Child Safe

Yorganop is committed to putting the best interest of children and young people first. We do this by following the 10 National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. We value children and young people, promote their safety and wellbeing, uphold their rights and respond to any concerns related to their safety in a timely, ethical and child-focused way.


Nurturing our children to flourish