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Becoming Culturally Strong

Our transition coaches use a Cultural Practice Framework called, Nitja Yorga Nop Bidi Koort Mia. This framework helps coaches to understand how young Aboriginal people within Yorganop’s Home Stretch service can be offered cultural knowledge and activities throughout their journey with Home Stretch WA.


The framework has been co-designed with:

  • Young people
  • Yorganop’s Cultural Unit and other staff
  • Yorganop’s Homestretch WA team
  • Young lived experience consultants
  • The Anglicare WA Community of Practice team.

 Yorganop is committed to ensuring every young Aboriginal person is given the opportunity to learn about their culture and flourish.


Frequently Asked Questions


Young Person

Although we have no housing stock we will support you to develop a housing pathway plan. This may look like referrals to transitional housing first andpossible access to a housing allowance*

Each coach is focused and time spent depends on your needs and goals. And has the flexibility to work with you wherever you feel comfortable. We will aim to reach out to you as much as you need depending on your gaols, this might need like atext every fortnight or meeting you weekly with appointments.

Yes! This person may not be your primary coach. We have strong Aboriginal people in our program that can meet and support with you with you on your cultural journey.


Young Person’s Carer

Home Stretch WA Staying On Subsidy will support the living arrangement from when the young person turns 18 until the age of 21. The carer or Young person must inform Home Stretch WA if the young person is no longer living in the agreement to avoid over payment and having to payback any ver payments received.

Absolutely! You will be provided with the facilitators phone number and email address as well as informal catch ups to discuss anything you may require assistance with.

The coach's priority is to support the young person. Your Staying On Facilitator is more than happy to help with any support needs you may require however we are all working together to achieve the best outcomes for the living arrangement and the existing family unit.

A Staying on Facilitator will support you with Informal yarning and debrief space, they will work with you on reflection and review of Staying On Agreement at informal reviews throughout the living arrangement, and with access to resources and referrals to specialised services.


Other Stakeholders


Nurturing our children to flourish