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”Kaya, my Koorda (friend). I’m Yorgi and I’m here for you, whatever the future brings.
I will be here for you always, if you are hurt, confused or sad I will listen to you and give you cuddles.
I can’t wait to start sharing memories with you, Love Yorgi.”

All children and young people in care have rights! The Charter is a list of things saying how children and young people should be treated when they come into care of the Department of Child Protection in WA. All of these rights are important’ however some might be more important to you than others.

Charter of Rights

You have the right to receive proper health care, including medical and dental when you need it.

You have the right to receive guidance and encouragement in your education, and activities such as hobbies, sport, music, dance, and art.

You have the right to be kept informed about your care plan and your views about the plan considered.

You have the right to be respected (and to treat others with respect too).

You have the right to raise an issue with your case worker, foster carer and/or Advocate for Children in Care.

You have the right to privacy and to have your personal belongings.

You have the right to have your views and opinions heard (and also listen to other peoples views and opinions).

You have the right to get help and support to go to court regarding your care.

You have the right to have contact with family members and friends whenever possible.

You have the right to be encouraged and supported in your religion and culture.

You have the right to proper planning before leaving care.

You have the right to be safe.

Have a look at the resources for children and young people of different ages to help you learn about your rights and how to stand up for yourself:

Rights booklet for children up to 12

Take a look now

Rights booklet for young people 12 and above

Take a look now

Charter of Rights poster

Take a look now

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