What is Foster Care

What does it mean to foster?

Providing a safe, caring environment for our young people

As a foster carer, you have an opportunity to make a lasting difference in a child’s life. Children who come to Yorganop are in the care of the Department of Communities and are unable to live with their parents. This role is often described as a deeply fulfilling experience, you’ll be supporting a child to grow strong in their culture, and self-determine their future.

It’s always our goal for children and young people to be reunified with their parents. Where it’s not possible for safe family to be found, the children and young people will be matched with a Yorganop foster family in an out-of-home care placement.

Types of Foster care

There isn’t one type of foster care. Children can be with a carer for a few days, or they can stay for a longer-term period. The longer placements can be a way to offer stability and support for the children and young people who need it most. The Department of Communities, decides the best type of care required for the children at the time.

At Yorganop we provide short-term breaks (respite), short term placements and long-term care arrangements.

Short Term Breaks (respite)

This type of care gives long-term foster carers and parents a break and is usually planned well in advance. As a short-term break carer, you will care for a child one or two weekends a month, providing important support for the child’s parents, guardians, or regular foster carers by giving them a break.

Short term

This type of care provides a child a safe and nurturing home for 3-6 months, or longer (sometimes up to 2 years). During this time a Care Plan is created to help support the placement and long-term stability of the child.

Long term

As a long-term carer, you make a commitment to offering a stable, safe and nurturing home to a child for a longer period of time. Some children are reunified after many years and some stay with their foster families. In either instance, family contact is always valued and critical in helping our children to grow strong in their identity and culture.

All of our foster care arrangements are centred around the child’s needs so that they can flourish within a safe and nurturing home.

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