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January 17, 2022

Wandjoo! (Welcome)

Wandjoo! (Welcome)

We have been working hard this past year on refreshing our look and updating our Webpage. We have been supported by the Department of Communities and the Department of Finance through an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation Capability Building Grant.

Our new webpage will make it easier to find out what fostering with Yorganop is all about, how we work, and how you can help.

We have also created a Carers/Staff portal to help you find information when you need it. We have training, calendar of events, news and resources that you can access.

New information is going to be constantly added to the carer portal. In the past you received emails for our Djidi Djidi Newsletters as well as for our Learning and Cultural Lines. You will now be able to find these all in one place, Our News/Blog section. We will be sending you out an email once a month letting you know what is new and where you can find it.

Training will be developed depending on your needs. We are currently converting some of our past in person trainings to an online version that you will be able to access at anytime.

We want this page to be useful to you, so if there is something you would like to see on the portal then let us know. You can have a conversation with your Case Manager or you can send us feedback here.


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