May 14, 2024

Free CPR and First Aid Training for Foster Carers 2024

Do you need to update your CPR and First Aid Training?

First Aid Training

All children should be able to live in an environment that promotes and safeguards their health and well-being. Foster carers play a key role in protecting and promoting children’s health. As a foster carer, it is important that you prepare and support children about their health, education, and emotional, social and psychological well-being.

Heart Beat Club

The Heart Beat Club will offer a month free access to its online training and will cover a range of topics including CPR skills, along with first aid essentials like how to treat common injuries, choking, burns, scalds, control of bleeding, dealing with shock and control of communicable disease.

What are the benefits of first aid training for parents and carers?

  • Being able to start CPR or begin wound management before the Ambulance arrives. This leads to faster treatment of wounds, sprains and other injuries, and can also mean a fast-tracked healing process.
  • Understanding hazards and being able to prevent dangerous situations, whether that means reducing the risks of injury around your home or when out with your children (playgrounds, beach, sporting venues).
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have equipped yourself with the necessary skills to respond to first aid emergencies that could occur inside or outside your home.
  • The ability to keep not only children but your entire family safe.

More than 40% of caregivers don’t have any CPR skills, but a new initiative could change that.

Last year 16 children died from drowning in Australia and for every one of them eight children were hospitalised. Yet, despite recent research revealing that 90% of caregivers acknowledge how critical CPR training was, only 59% of Australian caregivers complete CPR training.

Thankfully, a new initiative is set to change that, with The Heart Beat Club offering families free CPR and first aid training for babies and toddlers.

Lifesaving and life-changing – free CPR training for caregivers

Water safety heavyweights Royal Lifesaving (RLSSA) and Kids Alive have joined forces to ensure more Australians know how to save the life of a little one, launching The Heart Beat Club, a free online training aimed at empowering Australians with vital CPR and first aid knowledge for infants and toddlers.

Who can access free online CPR training for caregivers?

Designed to be completed in just one hour people can register for a login at www.heartbeatclub.org.au.

Useful resources for caregivers:

About Kids Alive: Kids Alive is dedicated to drowning prevention and child safety, offering essential resources and education across Australia for children under 5.

Kids Alive Do the Five – Kids Alive Do the Five

About Royal Life Saving WA: As experts in water safety and lifesaving education, Royal Life Saving WA commits to reducing drowning and promoting safe aquatic enjoyment.

Royal Life Saving WA

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