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March 13, 2023

Celebrating 32 years of Yorganop!

Today marks 32 years of Yorganop!

Thank you for being part of Yorganop’s story and working towards our vision of Nurturing our children to flourish

You can learn more about Yorganop’s history by visiting https://yorganop.org.au/about-us/our-story/

Have a look at the first article written about Yorganop 😊

An image of Yorganop's first article

Yorganop Child Care Aboriginal Corporation was given responsibility for child fostering, family tracing and youth work. Yorganop Incorporated under the Commonwealth Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act. Yorganop actively supported the Governments to pass a law that recognised the Aboriginal Placement Principle. Chairman Owen Hansen said it was vital to ensure the proper handling of fostering arrangements for Aboriginal children. Yorganop’s first Board of Management members were all members of the stolen generation. They didn’t want children to leave the care system without a strong sense of identity and belonging.

1991 Board of Management

Owen Hansen – Chairman
Doreen Coller – Vice Chairman
Joyce Reason – Secretary
Ross Carlton – Treasurer
Anne Harman – Committee
Gladys Clinch – Committee
Rodd Collard – Committee
Leon Feehon – Committee

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Nurturing our children to flourish