October 6, 2022

Story Box Library – A Wonderful Carer Recommendation!

Thank you to our Yorganop Carer Rebecca for recommending the Story Box Library.

“Through most libraries in WA you can get access to ‘Story Box Library’ which has different stories for children, but it also has a good selection of first nations stories too.  We have a lot of those books and they are read aloud on this program.  Its free through the library”    Rebecca, Yorganop Carer

Story Box Library is a fun educational website, created for children to view stories.

Members are able to view stories by local authors and illustrations, being read aloud by fantastic, predominantly Australian and New Zealand storytellers.

Members can borrow a range of stories and short films for children of all ages.

All you need is a valid library membership

You require a valid email address and a valid library membership card number (library PIN not required) to sign in and create an account as well as access to the internet to download the app and gain access to the Story Box Library collection.

 There is a fantastic selection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander themed books

The Resources section showcases the best in Story Box Library’s additional educational offerings. Resources are linked to stories in the digital collection. The Resources page was designed for educators, library staff, and professionals but these resources are also beneficial to anyone who is wanting to do activities alongside children’s readings.

There are also webinars of experts talking about scree time, Engagement and creating a diverse library.

Where to go to find Story Box Library


Download the app from the Apple Store or from Google Play

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