November 8, 2022

Online Training at Yorganop – Carer Competency 4

Carer competency 4 is about taking responsibility for your own learning. Yorganop requires Carers to attend a minimum of 2 training sessions each calendar year as part of your ongoing Carer Registration.

This training can be done either with Yorganop, the Department of Communities (The Department), or other training providers such as your current workplace. If you can’t attend training sessions that are held on weekdays you may like to participate in online training.

The Department also has a way to do training online – it’s called Compass.  You can sign up for online learning that you can take part in at your own pace or in webinars.

You can also find out what training and events are going on in the community and what resources are available. These all count towards Carer’s yearly training requirements. All you have to do is send your Case Manager the Certificate you receive once you complete a course.

If you are interested in signing up for an account send us a message or talk with your Case Manager

We are proud to offer the following types of training here at Yorganop

Online Training

We now offer online courses.

Connecting to Family, Culture and Country

Understanding Developmental Trauma


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