October 28, 2023

Carer Competency 1: Provides care that promotes the wellbeing of the child, promotes the child’s family and interpersonal relationships, and protects the child from harm.

Wellbeing in carer competency 1 is about kids being confident, happy and healthy. It has two main parts: their psychological wellbeing which includes thinking and feeling, and their physical wellbeing.

Children’s relationships and their interactions with their foster family, their birth and extended families and their community, all contribute to their sense of wellbeing.

Children need to feel valued and respected, cared for and included.  As carers when you value children for who they are and when you encourage warm and supportive relationships with them, you are helping them develop a positive view of themselves.

Children are in care because their life before has been full of challenges, struggles and uncertainty so when things go ‘wrong’ for them now it can be overwhelming. This is where your support, skills and understanding are needed to help them cope with situations and build resilience.

This may involve keeping them safe from making reckless decisions, or from them physically harming others or their environment.

As carers, you can support children with strategies to help them cope with their feelings, and nurture their wellbeing by providing the consistent boundaries and loving security they need.

Physical well-being is also very important for learning and development. Carers can support the children’s physical wellbeing by helping them make healthy choices about nutrition, hygiene and exercise.

By encouraging kids to use their abilities and strengths (for example: being artistic, musical or taking part in sports) you are helping them to build a positive sense of self and promoting their wellbeing.

Carer Competency 1

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